U-Change Cognition Arm + MRI Scan

300 participants from the NSPN panel will be invited to take part in the cognition arm of U-Change and have an MRI scan.

It will involve coming to one of our Cambridge or London assessment sites.

The day will be split into 2 parts: it will start with playing laptop games, for around 2-2.5 hours, then in the second part of the day you will complete some more self report questionnaires, table top puzzles, have an informal chat with a researcher about how you’ve been feeling recently and we’ll take some of your physical measurements.

Participants will either have an MRI scan scheduled on that day or there will be arrangements made for you to have one on a different date.

Participants may also have the opportunity to donate a blood sample that day, or again be invited to come back to one of blood clinics at a later date.

Please note that if you are under 16 years old, a parent or legal guardian will need to give their consent for you participating in U-Change and therefore will need to attend the first 15-20minutes of the assessments day and may also need to be present during the MRI scan.

We currently have some slots available during the week, at weekends and during the school holidays.

You will be eligible to take part if you are:

-willing and able to give informed consent for participation in the study, including a follow-up assessment 6-42 months after your baseline assessment

– are able and willing to attend two full-day assessments at one of our Cambridge or London sites

– are NOT currently being treated for a mental health problem

– are NOT currently being treated for drug or alcohol dependence

– have NO current or past history of neurological disorders or trauma including epilepsy, or head injury causing loss of consciousness

– DO NOT have a learning disability, requiring specialist educational support and/or medical treatment

– have normal or corrected to normal vision

– Pass our MRI safety screen (a researcher will discuss this with you and check you are eligible for an MRI scan, when booking your assessment day)

If you are on the NSPN panel, think you may be eligible for U-Change and would like to take part, then email us directly at: info.cam@nspn.org.uk (for Cambridge based participants) or info.ucl@nspn.org.uk for (London based participants) and a researcher will get in contact.

Click on the age appropriate information sheets, for more information about participating in the cognition arm and having an MRI scan.

Cognition & MRI Information Sheet (For Participants Under 16)

Cognition & MRI Information Sheet (For Parents)

Cognition & MRI Information Sheets (For Participants Aged 16 and Over)