Current Studies

If you’re interested in joining NSPN, first you need to complete a home questionnaire pack; see Taking Part for details. We may then invite you to take part in other studies, which are listed below.

The first study run by NSPN is U-Change (Understanding & Characterising Healthy Adolescent-to-Adult Neurodevelopmental Growth Effects). Its purpose is to help characterise healthy brain development and hopefully tease apart factors which might put young people at risk of developing mental health disorders, compared to factors which might protect against them.  If you’re invited to take part, we’d like you to visit one of our centers in Cambridge or London for research assessments. The duration of an assessment will depend on what group you are allocated into. In Group 1 the cognition only arm, participants will be asked to complete some more questionnaires, do some computer tasks, table top puzzles and have an informal chat about how you’ve been feeling recently, to gauge your personality. This should take around 4-4.5hours. Participants in group 2, will complete exactly the same tasks but will also have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain scan. This may take a little longer at around 6-6.5 hours. Both groups may also be given the opportunity to provide a saliva sample (if they haven’t already done so) and a blood sample. We may invite you back for an assessment, over the next 6 months to 3 years, to see how things are going. You’ll receive approximatley £60-150 for participating in each assessment day.

Almost 600 participants have already completed a U-Change assessment day and 50 of these participants have returned to do a second follow up day. 

Click on the buttons below for more information about U-Change: Group 1 the cognition arm, Group 2 the cognition and MRI arm and learn how both groups can donate a blood sample if they wish.

            Cognition Arm                                     Cognition Arm + MRI                                      Donating Blood